1. Mike Ozawa publishes groudbreaking lymphoma paper
    July 1, 2016
    Leveraging next generation sequencing, Mike Ozawa and co-authors identify a novel recurrent mutation in IRF8 (K66R) in pediatric type follicular lymphomas.
  2. Alexandra Nagy publishes on Castleman disease
    January ,2018
    Alexandra's cutting edge work on unicentric and multicentric Castleman disease is featured in BloodAdvances.
  3. Matt Alcasid identifies NK cells as significant in AML
    August, 2016
    Analyzing lymphocyte subsets, Matt identifies novel immune system patterns in AML and demonstrates that NK cells ≥5% of lymphocytes are a good prognostic feature at diagnosis.
  4. We welcome Nivaz Brar to the Ohgami Lab
    May, 2017
    Medical Student Nivaz Brar has joined the Ohgami Lab as a summer intern. She will focus on dissecting intricacies of hematopoietic diseases using classic and novel technologies.
  5. We welcome Anusha Fatehpuria to the Ohgami Lab
    May, 2017
    Anusha Fatehpuria, Lynbrook High School student, will be joining the Ohgami Lab for the summer. We are excited to have her join us.
  6. Congratulations to Christian Kunder for his study on THRLBL
    June, 2017
    Christina Kunder's work on T-cell histiocyte rich large B-cell lymphoma highlights systemic immune system manifestations of the disease.